The UK's Leading Provider of Time Management Training to Transform Personal Productivity

The consulting, training & coaching services we provide help people to work smarter not harder and achieve more in less time. We do this without compromising the quality or enjoyment of the work being done.      

To quantify this, we would expect to increase productivity in a business by around 15%, the equivalent to an extra 3 working days/per person/per month.  Imagine what you could do right now if your business had 15% additional capacity. SNH could help you to achieve those important things which are not being done at the moment because there’s “not enough hours in the day”.

We put a lot of effort into keeping things simple so that our clients can benefit immediately from our expertise, advice & experience (we are talking results within days not weeks). Not only can we quickly deliver measurable results, we can do this with minimal disruption and modest investment.

Why can you be confident that we can do this? Because we are very familiar with the simple productivity gains which most businesses leave on the table, and there are many. Whilst they are not obvious to the untrained eye we can identify and capitalise upon them quickly.

SNH have 3 core propositions which answer 3 important questions:

Productivity Training For You & Your Team - SmartWorking

“How can you and your team achieve more and improve performance without working longer hours?”

Training Specifically For Leaders & Managers - SmartLeadership

"How do you lead employees effectively in the minimum possible time? What is the quickest way to develop an effective leader?"

Training Specifically For Sales Performance - SmartSelling

"How do you find innovative ways to develop new sales behaviours and accelerate your sales performance?”