Young people need models not critics

Muhammad Yunus

The aim of the training is to share a range of the latest “productivity” tips, techniques & tools with young people so that they understand best practice and can immediately maximise their productivity in the modern workplace. This is a time in their career where they will need to compensate for their lack of experience with others things (such as great attitude, optimism, energy, enthusiasm, openness, comfort with technology, creativity and an ability to WORK SMART). If they start their careers by working smart and immediately display productive habits then they will be a greater asset to everyone, including themselves.

“This is so valuable because the world of work is very different to the world of full-time education”

The research we have conducted makes us confident that we are able to share everything a new employee needs to “hit the ground running”. The training is delivered in just 2 ½ hours and is done so in a highly engaging, memorable and enjoyable way.  Below is a selection of the areas we cover:

  • Managing your social media

  • Creating a healthy work/life balance

  • Email management and strategy

  • How to avoid getting “dumped on”

  • Diary management

  • The use & misuse of lists

  • The pressure of unforeseen or last-minute changes to your schedule

  • Teamwork and its role in Smartworking

  • Sustaining high levels of focus

  • Managing and minimising common interruptions & distractions

  • Prioritising

  • Being decisive and minimising procrastination

 “This was great training because common sense is not always common practise”

How do you make the learning 'stick'?

We will tailor the solution for you so that your young people can easily implement the learning and quickly develop productive habits which are sustainable in the workplace