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Impact of Training

Average saving/creation of 3 working days per month per participant

Productivity Impact

15% productivity improvement across the group.

"I attended the Smarter Not Harder SmartLeadership & SmartWorking programmes around 4 years ago and in short it totally re-modelled and re-focused my approach to work and productivity.  Prior to attending I recall my organisation was inconsistent particularly when priorities suddenly changed and this was compounding my anxiety when there were never enough hours in the day.  The programme was highly practical and packed with useable tools that I have used every day since and it certainly delivered me a 15%+ improvement in my productivity almost overnight.  From a learning perspective I found the programme really engaged the head and heart and the value of the pre and post course activities is what cemented the lasting change.

"As an aside I took over a sales team around 2 years ago and my challenge was to deliver increases revenues but without additional resources so productivity improvements would be key.  Engaging SNH was a no brainer and I invested in the programme for my entire team. Again, through the SNH evaluation process, we could demonstrate it delivered significant productivity improvements ranging from 9 to 15% by individual and around 12% for the whole team.  When I factor in the improved sales delivered on this productivity gain, we achieved a positive return on investment easily within 14 weeks.

"Overall, I would recommend SNH to any individual or group where people are anxious about their workloads, want to gain control back of their time or there is a need to achieve more with less or in less time. After 10 years at WoltersKluwer I decide to move on and now work as a principal consultant & coach on the SNH team."

- Charles Vaughan, Sales Manager, Wolters Kluwer