"Smarter Not Harder was introduced to me by personal recommendation from one of my fellow partners who considered that Neil Massa would be able to help me with my personal productivity and time management issues. My challenges, like many partners in professional services firms, centred around having to manage a very large number of small pieces of work, most of which are time sensitive, to be delivered to a whole variety of different people. Lots of ‘bosses’ - never an easy position to be in!  Responsiveness and prioritisation are absolutely critical to my professional reputation.

"Having worked one to one with Neil, I have introduced him to other members of my team who are now working with him, with similar excellent progress being made and tangible results being achieved.

"Neil’s professionalism immediately stood out to me; he is a real enthusiast for his subject – and, self-evidently, practices what he teaches which I consider to be really important, particularly with a ‘life skill’ such as time management.   

"The process has also felt very bespoke, rather than generic. I felt like Neil ‘got me’ and ‘what I’m about’ immediately and, as a consequence, I began to see improvements in my work load management etc straight away. Whilst lots of the techniques etc Neil has introduced to me are often just common sense, they were very practical, everyday things which – simply by doing them and sticking to them, have made big differences to my working week. 

"I have worked with other professionals in the area and, most of the time, have felt that they’ve been working to a ‘template’, which may not have suited me and therefore felt much less effective/satisfying. The benefits to me of implementing the SNH SmartWorking tools have been:

• Increased productivity at work (and more leisure time at home);

• Less firefighting, less stress leading to…;

•…An ability to be more proactive, take more of leadership role;

• Enhanced reputation; more referrals, more fee income;

• A feeling of satisfaction in a job well done (or better done, at least);

• Overall, feeling much happier about work pressures (and life!)

"I have no hesitation recommending Neil to anyone else - simply because I am sure that Neil can illicit the same response and achieve similar results with others he will work with in the future."

- Andy Dawbarn, VAT Partner, Wilkins Kennedy