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Simple & Easy to Implement

Completed in Under 3 Hours

Instant Results

Expect To Save 3 Days/Month

Includes Personal 1-2-1 Coaching

Delegates Trained

To make sure we deliver the productivity gains & results you want, we follow a simple 6 step process or METHODOLOGY

Consult and Validate
We understand the way a cross-section of your employees work & confirm this is representative of the majority

Estimate and Align
Once our research is validated we will calculate how much time we believe we can save (best case - worst case) and align these savings to business outcomes i.e. what could this extra capacity or time be used to achieve

The positioning, content & delivery style is then tailored to exactly suits your requirements

WORKSHOP to initiate change * 
We deliver the “catalyst” workshop event (See asterisk below)

Our productivity coaches follow-up the catalyst event with individual coaching sessions to help embed the new behaviours and habits

Review & report – the pro gramme manager will collate the feedback and ROI data from the productivity coaches to present to the key sponsors / stakeholders


* During the highly engaging (2 ½ - 3 hrs) catalyst workshop we will deliver 15-20 individually selected productivity tips, tools and techniques which are relevant to you.  It is likely these will cover areas such as:

  • Email management and strategy

  • The use & misuse of lists

  • Rapid planning

  • Meetings and conference calls

  • The pressure of unforeseen or last-minute changes to your schedule

  • Teamwork and its role in Smartworking

  • Sustaining high levels of focus

  • Managing and minimising common interruptions & distractions

  • Prioritising

  • Being decisive and minimising procrastination

  • Remaining motivated and feeling satisfied with your achievements

  • Habits which continually improve your productivity

Accelerated development - We’ll give you the insight from 12 years of research in a couple of hours. That’s what we call “productive”. Add to this our post-workshop coaching and we can dramatically reduce the time it takes to deliver the improvements you want.