The SmartLeadership programme has been designed specifically for today’s leaders and managers - the ones who need to be nimble, constantly manage change & face the challenge of consistently delivering results (without necessarily having all the resources they would like). Time will be one of their scarcest resources.  That's why we've developed a programme to help you rapidly develop a leadership & management team who “speak the same language”, “execute with precision” & “develop a culture of high performance”.  To achieve this we constructed the programme around some common principles for the fast and effective development of any new leadership approach.           

1.  IT NEEDS TO BE UNDERSTOOD & IMPLEMENTED QUICKLY – In just a few hours each SmartLeadership skill is learnt to a level that people can implement it competently & confidently in the workplace immediately after the training. This means leaders can do it the next day!

2.  IT NEEDS TO BE REPEATED CONSISTENTLY – When you give people the right tools it makes their job easier. For each area of SmartLeadership we have developed a tool so that each skill can be consistently performed effectively & efficiently. This means the next day people can do it well & every day thereafter!

3. IT NEEDS TO HAVE A FAST AND MEASURABLE IMPACT IN THE WORKPLACE – Each SmartLeadership skill or capability can be implemented in 10-15 mins. For example, when you use our “speed coaching” technique to help someone evaluate & improve their performance this “coaching conversation” can be done very effectively in minutes (this enables frequent coaching to become a reality & not just a dream). This means the excuse of “time” (or not enough of it) is not a barrier to effective leadership and the tools are used regularly!

4.  IT NEEDS TO BE EASY TO ADOPT & APPLY (and meet with minimal resistance) – Each skill or capability is readily accepted because it is based on “common sense”, is highly “practical” (rather than intensely theoretical) and described in “plain English” (i.e. it’s jargon free). SmartLeadership is irresistibly simple, sensible business wisdom. This means the next day people will say something like,  “I’ve used it, it works & it’s brilliantly simple!

The outcome is a leadership team who can effectively lead their teams in a fraction of the time taken by people trained using traditional methods. This will be a team who can confidently & competently coach, motivate, performance manage, inspire and develop their teams using the “lightest of touches” & highly focused conversations. The result is a team of leaders & line managers who work smarter not harder. They walk the talk, not just talk the talk, and set the right example for the rest of the business to follow.

We make working smarter a reality for today’s leaders & line managers. That’s what we do