Tools & Techniques For Generating Quality Leads Through
Introductions & Referrals

“91% of customers say they’d give referrals. Only 11% of salespeople ask for them.”
- Dale Carnegie

"Salespeople who actively seek out and exploit referrals earn 4 to 5 times more than those who don’t.”
- Sales World


Industry Background & Challenges

- Cost of acquisition high – time & money taken to win new clients

- Outsourced appt. making - quantity vs quality challenges may have undesirable financial (& productivity) implications

- In-house (self-gen) - quantity & time spent away from other direct selling activities can make it costly

- Healthy relationships with satisfied clients are rarely “leveraged” and opportunities to gain introductions & referrals regularly missed

- Attempts to get more referrals frequently fail (without expert assistance), even if staff are incentivised to ask for referrals

- Utilise award winning Referrals training methodology (CRN Awards 2013)


It is widely acknowledged that getting meetings & winning business with potential prospects is easier if you are referred or introduced. Studies also show that closure rates are better from referrals, decisions are often made faster and the discounts expected are frequently lower. This means that businesses who want to grow profitably (& quickly) need to be able to create a steady stream of good quality referrals. To achieve this the sales & marketing team need to be confident asking for referrals from their customers & network of contacts

The SMARTlead-generation programme we run focuses on important subjects such as:

·        Knowing who to ask for referrals, identifying the best time to ask & when not to ask

·        Knowing how to engineer an opportunity to ask (& remain professional at all times)

·        What to say & how to say it (Proven Techniques which people feel confident & comfortable using to gain referrals)

·        The mental game—how to get in the right frame of mind & remove the fear of asking for referrals

·        Integrating the practice of gaining referrals into your ‘normal routine’ & daily activities (working smarter not harder)

·        Setting realistic, personal objectives for gaining referrals

·        Reducing the common barriers to obtaining referrals, introductions & recommendations (your barriers & other people’s barriers)

·        The key principles which underpin successful networking

·        How to make following up referrals easy & comfortable for both parties

·        The key things to avoid (the don’ts)

·        Using LinkedIn effectively to generate quality introductions

·        Preparation & planning—the minimum standards

We use highly interactive workshops & coaching sessions (team & individual) to rapidly develop confidence and competence in all these areas. We expect to deliver results quickly as a result of this training programme and often find that our participants get instant success (i.e. on the day)

Some Facts & Figures

Probability of meetings

Leads generated through:

- Outsourced telemarketers close at around 1:6/1:10

- In-house telemarketing close at around 1:5/1:8

- Field sales self-generation close at around 1:3/1:5

- Referrals close at around 1:1.5/1:2


To make sure we deliver the experience and the results you want, we follow a simple 5 step process:

Preparation: SNH will consult with you & your team to understand needs & objectives and ensure that the programme is tailored to your exact requirements (From this Measures of Success & Plans would be agreed)

LinkedIn Webinar: Benchmark & optimise LinkedIn profiles & ensure your team understand the power of the tool they have (Sales Navigator is not required the FREE version is fine)

Workshops: Our workshops are exactly that i.e. training sessions where your teams are given tools, tips & techniques which they use on the day to generate leads. People often experience instant success at these events. We deliver 2 of these, they are approx. 6hrs long & separated by approx. 4weeks (highly interactive & challenging)

Follow-Up coaching: SNH will schedule 121 coaching with all participants to support, embed and reinforce learning

Final Review: On completion SNH will produce a final report and review with the programme sponsor (compare to the original Measures of Success)