£1278.85 needed if you are having a baby

When you discover you are pregnant there is a mixture of emotions you feel in a brief moment; happy, excited, nervous, apprehensive, joy and the greatest one for me was SHOCK! We were so surprised when we found out we were pregnant. We had just got back from a trip of a life time in South Africa, where I did all the things you probably shouldn’t do at four weeks. I went wine tasting, horse riding, ate seafood, went zip lining from trees over  a river all whilst I was blissfully unaware I was pregnant. I had been joking whilst away that I was “with child” but when I returned I thought I better take a pregnancy test just in case. I was so surprised when the test (and second test) instantly showed positive.

As we hadn’t been planning to start a family yet we didn’t have mountains of money saved up in preparation for our bundle of joy. As everyone knows babies = money and we didn’t have any.

However I want to share with you what I did that meant I had all I needed for the baby within 24 hours and didn’t have to spend a penny.

I had no idea where to even begin to start buying for the baby. I didn’t know what essentials I might need, I was pretty clueless. Thankfully I discovered Amazon baby wish list. Like their wish lists you can put together a list of things you might need, however the added time save and pure genius is that they give you suggestions that help you to build your baby wish list. I went through each category of items and put together my list of things I needed for the baby and what items I liked the look of.

So I had my shopping list of things I needed to get, I then thought “I wonder if anyone I know has these items I might be able to buy off them?” so I put together a WhatsApp group of mothers I know who had babies within the last five years. I then sent them the link to my list and asked if anyone had any of the items on the list they are looking to get rid of or would like me to buy from them. Within 24hours I had been offered everything on my list and more! To my astonishment no one wanted any money for the items either.

So out of curiosity one evening I tallied up how much money I had saved due to my generous friends and I was amazed it came to £1278.85 and this was just the big items! All the items I was able to check before hand and they were in such beautiful condition you wouldn’t have known they weren’t sparkling new.

For an expectant mum working 2 jobs my investment of 20 minutes to put a list together paid off better than I could have ever expected. I saved time, money & energy and had no stress.  

Maybe you might like to try it too?

Items given:

Greco Travel system £399 
Sleepyhead £140 
Moses basket £40 
Ergo baby carrier £90.90 
Amawrap £39.99
Tommee tippee electric breast pump £106.99 
Tommee tippee back to nature bottle maker £125.00 
Avent bottle maker £49.99 
Mummas and papas Crib £119 
Angel bath seat £27.99 
Nursing Chair £139.99


The baby's nursery. Everything in this picture was gifted.