You can now access the SNH SmartWorking programme ONLINE! All the same tools & techniques can be accessed by learners from anywhere at anytime.

We have also created a number of innovative support tools to engage learners and embed new approaches into the workplace culture. We are working with organisations from a range of sectors to deliver bespoke BLENDED SOLUTIONS incorporating a combination of online modules, workbooks, face to face workshops, team discussions & 121 coaching.

What is included in the SNH Online SmartWorking Programme:

1.    Licensed access to video resources:

-       An overview/introduction 
-       10 x 4-6 minute modules

2.    Short Workbooks/Summary Quick Start guides for each module

3.    A Personal Productivity Review Assessment tool

4.    1 x Face to face event (workshop or ‘taster’ event to promote the programme)

5.    Monthly productivity insights to publish/ push to employees (blogs/tips)

6.    A Manager’s facilitation guide to engaging team learning

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“I love it! Short and engaging modules which effectively share all the same tools that were covered in the workshops. This opens up a range of opportunities to scale SmartWorking across large organisations.”

Nikki Jacobi, Group HRD, YELL GROUP 

What is different about the SNH Online SmartWorking Programme?


Dozens of practical tips that can be implemented and make a difference immediately (not boring information & theory!)


Applied by over 10,000 learners and consistently achieving 10-15% productivity improvements in some of the world’s largest organisations and on every continent! These tools will help to improve productivity, reduce stress and create an increasing sense of wellbeing.


Rather than mandating a rigid learning pathway the SNH online solution provides a short introduction which equips the learner to then consume and apply the learning in bite-size chunks (under 6 mins / module) in the sequence and at the pace that suits their needs.


We’ve designed the programme to engage learners by generating awareness, gaining attention and maintaining interest. This fully blended programme will provide the support you need to help you engage learners:

1.    Deliver a face to face workshop to key influencers (e.g. leaders) who will then promote engagement in the online tools

2.    Provide monthly productivity insights (blogs/tips) to share with the learning community

3.    Integrate an assessment tool so that learners can track their progress and define their own learning priorities

4.    Equip Managers to learn with their teams (see below)


We recognise that one of the most powerful ways to embed learning is to involve line managers and encourage learning across a team. After all time management is a team sport! The Manager’s Facilitation Guide provides simple and effective ideas for managers to engage their team in 


Our solution is hosted on a full LMS system. We can offer a flexible solution using our platform to report and manage licensing and reporting or integrate with your existing systems