“Olive’s differentiator is our people. SNH has supported our ambitions with the development and implementation of the Olive Academy – a core strategic focus for us to grow in the coming years”

Olive Communications is the fastest growing business communications provider in the UK. Its key points of differentiation are its people, its focus on customer satisfaction and highest partner accreditations with the UK’s leading network operators, carriers and IT vendors.

"Olive has seen accelerated growth over the past 3 years – featuring each year in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100. However, we operate in a very competitive industry, meaning that constant innovation to meet our future growth aspirations is vital. We knew that if we didn’t up-skill our workforce and sustain the development of the business – then we could be risking a fall. It was essential that we were able to standardise best practice and culture of the business, as well as develop a bespoke development programme for each and every one of our employees.

"We knew a one-size fit all approach wouldn’t work, so the Olive Academy takes a bespoke approach to every employee, depending on their training needs. Rooted in real-life scenarios, the Olive Academy has been designed with SNH to create a legacy within the business and instil a development culture, with leaders empowered and equipped to effectively lead, motivate and develop their teams.

"The SNH SmartLeadership programme has been a crucial foundation to our growth and our ongoing success as an organisation."

- Nick Evon, Head of HR, Olive Communications