“SNH SmartLeadership is simple, highly effective …. focused on delivering results”

"I am delighted to provide a reference for Smarter Not Harder and the leadership management programme they are running for our O2 Retail Franchise organisation. The leadership skills I have developed through the academy run by SNH has equipped me and my area and store managers with the tools and the confidence to lead our retail and B2B teams through significant growth and change in this period.

"We operate a fast growing O2 retail franchise of 16 stores in the North-West and North-East of England. The business has grown rapidly and intends to continue growing in the coming months, with 6 new stores being added in Q3. The business has also been consistently recognised by 02 as a model for excellence, winning the  'Franchise of the Year' award 4 out of the last 6 years as well as numerous other local awards.

"We now face a wider range of challenges such as:

• Communicating and instilling the culture as new stores are introduced

• At a management level ‘rolling-out’ the culture (how we work)

• Keeping ‘control’ and not losing touch of business operating standards

•Developing the management team (existing) and future management teams

•Clarifying roles and responsibilities across the management teams (providing consistency in approach)

•Developing a scalable model that can be rolled-out as we continue to grow

"To achieve this we selected Smarter Not Harder as our leadership and management development partner, working with a team of 22 managers and area managers, right up to the Executive Board. Their SmartLeadership approach is simple and highly effective, focusing on developing excellence and delivering results. Their workshops and workplace follow-up approach drives real accountability for managers at all levels in the business, and our store teams are impacted directly by this.

"The SNH approach has proven to be perfect in our fast moving retail environment and I would have no hesitation in recommending SNH to any similar organisation.

"The bottom line is that we developed in just 8 months a team of 22 brilliant leaders. Brilliant, successful and SMART leaders."

- Michael McDade , Head of Sales, Comms Plus (Award winning O2 Retail Franchise)