A few years ago I lost my work life balance. There never seemed to be enough hours in the day to get things done at work, stay fit, have fun, relax, be a great husband, be a great dad, friend, competitive sportsman etc. etc. Fortunately, I discovered why this was happening & within 12months I’d “sorted it out”. Then people started noticing that I always seemed to have “time on my hands” and became curious about why this was. When I shared what I was doing with others the change was not only profound but frequently instant. That rarely happens. And this was the start of SMARTER NOT HARDER (SNH). SNH is now a successful business helping large & small organisations to be more productive (i.e. from 15 – 12,000 employees). Today my aim is the same as it was back then – to find ways to achieve more in less time (without compromising the quality or enjoyment of what is being done). My latest interest is in how to maximise the productivity of “young people” early in their careers. I’m passionate about what we do to the extent we now run free workshops each month in London for UK charities on how to work Smarter (Not Harder).

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