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Impact of Training

Average saving/creation of 3.13 working days per month per participant

Productivity Impact

16% productivity improvement across the group.

Feedback from KPMG Delegates

"A great course.  One of the best I've been on in terms of practicality, applicability and improving my outlook.  Would recommend to anyone in our line of work."

"It’s revolutionary. Has come at just the right time. It’s the first time we’ve got some real practical tools to help us manage these day to day challenges. It resonated 100%."

"The whole team are much more aware of their productivity and respecting one another’s time – shortening meetings etc.."

"The follow on telephone calls have also been really useful, as a prompt, and for discussion of practical tips to resolve real life experiences of trying to enact this."

"I really like the follow-up conversations/calls after the course, as it did remind me of practising all tips I learnt and maximise the benefits of attending the course."

"A great course. My inbox is clear and Im not staying so long after work. Coming back to work after holiday was great. Good holiday and no worries when coming back. So happy!"

"I feel much more in control. Not working ridiculous hours either. Now getting done everything I need to. A complete turnaround in confidence and control."

"Today list – is helping me feel under less pressure. I’m achieving my aim – to attend more exercise classes – did 3 last week so I’m very happy!"

"Now using the today lists to track the business goals and feeling more focused. Quick steps is very helpful. “Who knew such helpful tools were at my fingertips the whole time?”

"Used to be hopeless with the inbox and didn’t organise anything. Now completely on top of emails and not having more than 4 emails in the inbox. My calendar is sorted – colour coded and I’m using Quick Steps. I’m also putting in the short bursts for email between meetings"