Feedback from Dimension Data Delegates

"I now feel more empowered to push back on interruptions."

"The small things have made a big difference."

"I am now getting home earlier and can help put the kids to bed."

"I now have 3 emails in my inbox, I had 1200 before."

"I’ve ditched my email filing structure, I just have just 2 email folders. I was addicted to emails but now fitting them between meetings."

"Good to work on what was already there. I know I need to work on giving myself a reward at the end of the day but since we have been reducing our meeting times I can now take a quick break."

"I am more  focused on delegating and growing the team."

"There needed to be a mind shift and I’ve got that."

"I have reduced the 121 time and now use the time to immediately write up the notes afterwards, this would usually be done late at night days afterwards."

"Batching the emails is really helping to focus."