“The training has helped me structure my day better, using the tools and techniques from the course which have had an immediate impact on my ability to focus on the task at hand, close off loops and in the bigger picture become more organised, efficient and focused one thing at a time, ultimately doing a better job of it (more focused and avoiding distraction) and in a quicker time frame (again as a result of the tools such as email notifications being turned off and avoiding the temptation of distractions such as phone calls coming in).” 

- David Kennedy, DHL


 “The training has helped me be realistic about what you can achieve in a day, and has allowed me to keep in control and on track with my workload. By using some of techniques I am more focussed on avoiding distractions and managing my clients & colleagues expectations. I’ve been able to focus on one task or part of a task at a time and completing it before jumping to another, which has given me more satisfaction. I am also more comfortable in asking others for help when needed, because I recognise I cannot to everything myself.”

- Sue Nadin DHL