"So many simple quick wins that can be implemented immediately, and which deliver instant benefits. You don’t get that very often. SNH have an evolutionary approach, meaning that aspects of the training can be introduced into your daily routine seamlessly instead of trying to rework everything you do. I like this approach. The result – a better chance of success in driving productivity improvements.It’s been extremely valuable training. I’ve found many of the techniques to be extremely effective, with the end result being that I feel more organised, more in control, and ensure there are closed loops that allow me to switch off and enjoy family time more than I was able to before.

"Simply put, this is enabling me to be much stricter with my time, focusing on the right activities in the right order, at the right time, and without interruptions, which is considerably improving my productivity and also enabling me to properly switch off so that I can enjoy more and better quality family time.

"Excellent training, well delivered. And unlike most courses, the regular follow ups are helping to focus the mind on ensuring that the lessons taught are properly incorporated into my day to day working life, without falling by the wayside, as often happens after training courses."

- Adrian Tissi, Sales Channel Manager, Dell


“I like the “common sense” approach SNH take to what they do. In many of these trainings it is not taken into consideration the different positions and interactions we all have within a group. How our productivity challenges vary per country, per person & position. But this training was “position agnostic”, so it was very interesting seeing that, the general guidelines, were both common sense and really applicable in real life,  I enjoyed that very much. I am usually quite a skeptical person but this time I think it was a very useful training. Thanks a lot to you both”

- Ana Maria Esquinas, Dell