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Impact of Training

Average saving/creation of 2 working days per month per participant

Productivity Impact

10% productivity improvement across the group.

Feedback from City & Guilds Delegates

"For the first time I am taking the time to look at what to plan for the day.  I am more structured and  more disciplined with emails too.  I now sit down and think “what do I want to achieve today?” That is the biggest change -  I am  now looking more realistically at what can be achieved in a day  and looking ahead."

"There is  a difference in how I am working now and I feel like I am improving. I am focusing on maintaining good email management and being realistic with what is being set on the today list."

"One goal was to work on Work- Life blend.  I am now keeping the personal items in the diary as well as business.  Now I am able to make my evening commitments.  I am more planned and structured and the shift between  personal and business priorities  has meant that business is going really well as a result."

"I have changed my habits around emails and now I am doing a daily list which meant I was much quicker at getting back into work after the holiday. "

"The training was well presented and engaging. I am putting into practice the today list and taking on board the strategies for dealing with the inbox – my follow up with Esther has helped in this regard."

"I liked the fact that you made me feel that what I took away from the training was up to me , a mix and match so to speak ! You will appreciate the delay in answering this email as I was ‘batching’ my emails for the very first time!"

"I would recommend it for anyone in a role where they need to manage their time more effectively."

"The coaching was particularly useful as it made the actions that I was taking more tailored to my role and circumstances."

"I think this would work well for teams to help change behaviours"