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Impact of Training

Average saving/creation of 3.74 working days per month per participant

Productivity Impact

18.7% productivity improvement across the group.

"I highly recommend the SNH SmartWorking programme. I attended the workshop some years ago and still use the tools on a daily basis. I recently invested in the programme for my team and we have seen an immediate impact. Besides the measureable productivity and efficiency gains the most rewarding impact is the social value this has delivered. They are more able to manage workload and focus on their work and we have agreed new practices to support each other as a team. A brilliant investment.“
- Richard Beasley, CEO, BWP Group


Feedback from Other BWP Group Delegates

"I'm much more in control of my tasks list, the priority order and conscious of how much time it takes to complete a task or hold a meeting."

"Feel more empowered to manage my own time/diary and not forced into adopting other people's emergencies."

"The practical tools and advise have had an immediate impact on my productivity with less evening and weekend work."

"We've shared this training with most of the company and it's proved hugely successful in time management efficiency, especially important when taking our time and materials based pricing model into account.  I personally really appreciated the follow up calls as they were a timely reminder to implement the learnings and kept them top of mind in the month following."

"Good follow-up calls to ensure I kept on track and didn't just 'file this away' after the training was done."

"The training was really interesting and entertaining.  The ‘Today’ list has helped make me more aware of time and considered about how long things take."