“I have found the training tremendously useful.  This has allowed me to free up about 25% of my time by using the techniques that you showed me on the day.  Some were new, some a re-fresher but the training worked well.” 
- David Carruthers, Managing Director

“SNH -  It does what it states on the TIN – it showed me very quick wins that has enabled me to work that much smarter with the time that I have -  in fact I would go so far as so say that it has enabled me to deliver much more, at a higher quality, utilising less time -   A win , win , win….”
- Keith Michael, Head of Billing Operations

Feedback from other BT Delegates

“The follow ups are good as keep me focused and mean I hopefully will have adopted practice.”

“The programme has given me a more structured approach to my day. I feel more organised and in control.”

"The programme has provided me with some useful techniques to help me use my time more effectively, but most importantly, even if I'm not making all of those techniques work perfectly right now, I am thinking much more than I used to about what I am doing & when.”

"It has made me more thoughtful about how both I and my team work which is driving a better overall working approach.”

“The concept of today list has been useful as has added more structure and more effective than a traditional to do list.”

“Better work/life balance and more time to concentrate on the big things.”

“It has been great and the quick wins have really worked for me.”