We help people within organisations to change the way that they think, feel and behave. This leads to measurable changes that make a real difference to performance and results. Here are some of the insights we have gathered over the years to help our contacts work Smarter Not Harder. 

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Life Lessons

It’s the end of the summer holiday season and most of us will have taken some time out from work to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. A chance to recharge the batteries and often a chance to restore perspective. Ironically Elon Musk, CEO & founder of Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, has not taken the time to recharge.

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Mind Your Language

Most people interrupt and distract their colleagues during the day;  it’s inevitable. Not that they would see their interruption as a distraction per se – they are requesting information; seeking advice; asking for help or handing out more work.


That "Free Day" Feeling

When the “beast from the East” brought us snow it led to many things being cancelled – trains, planes, meetings, social events etc. When something is unexpectedly cancelled we can feel disappointed but sometimes we experience the “free day” feeling. Not to be confused with that “Friday feeling” but they both feel good (smiley face).



Are you spending enough time pitch side?

Imagine you managed a sports team. Why would you get “pitch side”? To watch the game, to show your support, to observe the tactics of both sides, to study individual performances, to assess team work, to lift spirits at the break, to ensure focus at crucial times, to celebrate and to console. 


How to do a proper

Who likes to feel out of control at work? Who likes to feel continually behind with their work? Who likes to feel overwhelmed?


When Less is More

Scientists very early in their career will be introduced to the idea of Ockham’s Razor. William of Ockham was a medieval monk and natural scientist who suggested that all other things being equal, the best theory or idea is the simplest and most straightforward of all the alternatives.



Why To-Do Lists Often Become To-Don't Lists

The reason most people fail with their to-do lists is because what they actually create is an ‘everything list’.


Distractions 1... Focus 0

Nobody goes to work thinking, “how many people can I distract today” - do they? But all of us do distract others, both consciously or not. And all of us suffer from being distracted.g distracted.


Holiday Fear

"Keeping that holiday feeling"

Returning to work after an annual holiday needn’t leave staff wishing they’d never gone away in the first place, says Neil Massa, Smarter Not Harder.



Exploring manager's wellbeing, motivation and productivity

Good, skilled managers know that they need to switch off and allow their employees to do the same.

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The Problem with Productivity... (It's not what you think)

Improving productivity isn’t just about staff learning new skills;  it’s also about organisations themselves acquiring a new productivity mindset