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Impact of Training

Average saving/creation of 2.90 working days per month per participant

Productivity Impact

14% productivity improvement across the group.

Feedback from BEIS Delegates

"I feel I have a stronger grip on everything and feel more under control."

"This  has given me a greater awareness of what I need to do to be more efficient and effective and feel in control - particularly how important "closing loops" is for switching off."

"Email techniques now mean that Outlook is working for me, rather than the other way around."

"The programme has made me conscious about carefully managing my own time and that of others. The follow up sessions were really useful. Thank you!"

"I enjoyed the session and found the tips really accessible and easy to put into practice. I’ve been blocking out time in my calendar and am now able to tell colleagues when I am free, rather than just giving the immediate 'yes I can do now’."

"I have allocated time in my diary at the start and end of day, to get my Today list ready for the start of each day and ready for the next. I feel like I am getting more done."