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Younger & Smarter

This event is for those aged 18-30 years; school leavers, university students, graduates, those seeking employment and those new to work.

it is completely free. 

We are looking forward to you joining us for Smarter Not Harder’s FREE Younger & Smarter Personal Productivity training.

'Smarter Not Harder' are productivity experts. Since 2003 they have been training people who work for large businesses like Sky, Sage, KPMG and many successful small businesses too.

The 'Younger & Smarter' Workshop helps young people to know simple, but effective tools & techniques which can help them in current and future employment. 

Whats covered in the Workshop:

SIMPLE techniques to deal with email overload
IMPLEMENTING an e-mail strategy
Parkinson’s Law
HOW TO stay focused and deal with interruptions
HOW TO forecast effectively & set realistic deadlines
EASY ways to prioritise and plan more effectively
HOW TO cope with the pressure of unforeseen changes to your schedule
BUILDING NEW HABITS to improve your Time Management skills daily
HOW TO banish worry and remain calm
MINIMISE meetings & travel time
HOW TO save time in meetings & conference calls
HOW TO remain motivated at the end of a demanding day and feel satisfied with you achievements
And much more...

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