“Younger & Smarter” is a time management programme specifically for people entering the world of work for the first time. They could be sixth formers, college students, school leavers, apprentices, graduates or any new employee who has limited work experience.

“This information is essential and I can't believe it isn't covered earlier on in life.”

The aim of the training is to share the latest “productivity” tips, techniques & tools with young people so that they understand best practice and can immediately maximise their productivity in the modern workplace.

This is a time in their career where they will need to compensate for their lack of experience with others things (such as great attitude, willingness, energy,  enthusiasm, openness, comfort with technology, creativity and their ability to WORK SMART). If they can start their careers by working smart and displaying productive habits from the “get go” then they will be a greater asset to everyone, including themselves.

So why did we think it was important to build a programme like this?

Here’s 5 reasons:

  • Organisations are screaming out for “work ready” young people, however, you are not “work ready” if you don’t know how to manage your time & personal productivity!

  • Most school, colleges, universities, apprenticeship schemes and corporate induction programmes do not provide anything as focused as this (ironically the people that run these institutions frequently struggle with time management themselves, often saying "There’s just not enough hours in the day to get things done!”) We want to remove this excuse for not achieving from the minds of young people when they start work.

  • Over 90% of the UK workforce have never read a book on time management, and of those that have,  80% haven’t read one in the last 3 years. Approximately 60% of employees have had some time management training at some point during their working life but for many this is often reported as “a long time ago & largely ineffective”. The point is this – that the chances of a young person entering the world of work for the first time and being surrounded by people who are role models for productivity & time management in a digital age are well “INCREDIBLY SLIM to ZERO”. Almost as likely as having ELVIS on your new team!!

  • Most young people do not use email, yet this is still the most widely used (and abused!) medium in the workplace. If you don’t know how to manage it, it can run or worst still wreck your work life.

  • The children are our future and we all believe in giving our young people the best possible start in life.

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Event: Younger & Smarter

Date: 22nd March 2018

Time: 1.15pm (for 1.30pm start) to 4.00pm

Venue: Happiness Lab, Perkbox, 22 Tudor Street, EC4Y 0AY London. 

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What Clients Say

What’s been the feedback from participants? In a word “fantastic”.
“The training was really valuable because the world of work is different to the world of school.”
“It was really helpful because you have to sort out your own routine and manage everything yourself which can be difficult after being in an academic setting for so long where your whole day is planned.”