Younger & Smarter is our personal productivity programme specifically for young people early in their careers.

 “Young people are capable of doing much more today than ever in the history of mankind” - Muhammad Yunus

“Younger & Smarter” is a time management programme for people entering the world of work for the first time to help them learn a life skill which is frequently overlooked or misunderstood. They could be graduates, apprentices, college/sixth-form leavers, interns or any new employee who has limited work experience.

“The training from SNH is essential and I can't believe it isn't covered earlier on in life” - Law Graduate

So how do you maximise the productivity of “young” people starting work for the first time?

You educate them in “productivity best practice” before they have the opportunity to develop bad habits, copy poor practices from others or become despondent with the daunting challenge of getting everything done at work & maintaining a healthy social life.

Why is there a need for a programme like “Younger and Smarter”?     Here are 4 reasons:

  • Organisations are screaming out for “work ready” young people, however, you are not “work ready” if you don’t know how to manage your time & personal productivity!
  • Most schools, colleges, universities, apprenticeship schemes and corporate induction programmes do not provide anything as focused or as practical as this. So a QUICK FIX is needed.
  • Most young people do not use email, yet this is still the most widely used (and abused!) medium in the workplace. If you don’t know how to manage it, it can run, or worse still, wreck your work life.
  • We all believe in giving our young people the best possible start in life.

What Clients Say

“The training was really valuable because the world of work is so different to the academic world.”

“The valuable tools, tips & techniques I have learned from SNH will help me regain control of my work and prevent me from feeling overwhelmed.”

“It was really helpful because it helped me understand how to make the transition from an academic environment, where much of your day is planned, to an environment where most of it is not.”