What Clients Say About...

Smarter Not Harder

What’s unique about Smarter Not Harder? Their follow-up. The quantity and quality of their ongoing support is the best we have experienced. Their attention to detail is second to none and they will always go the extra mile and regularly offer advice and help. They keep in regular contact which means we have a very strong relationship and they really understand what our business needs.”


“SNH are highly consultative in their engagement they are always willing to tailor their approach to make it fit the specific requirements. They are very flexible and innovative to meet the most demanding challenges and they do not provide a one size fits all solution. It’s the small differences in the way they work that makes the biggest difference.”


SNH are also different through the way they simplify the content that they deliver. This makes their training really easy to understand and straightforward to implement.”


“SNH really took the time to understand our business and create ideas for programme design that would help us make the best use of our investment to get the maximum value. We think of SNH as a trusted partner. They really care, build relationships and integrate very well with the teams.”


“SNH provided my team with the tools, techniques and confidence to improve performance with minimal disruption to “business as usual. The training SNH delivered was relevant, broken in Bite-sized Chunks, punchy & easy to put into practice, ”


“SNH offers a contrast to traditional formal training sessions. They provide unique techniques which they have developed to tackle real challenges that the team face on a day to day basis. We all found the workshops to be very open, informal, interactive and interesting with great anecdotes and scenarios from the trainers that everyone could identify with” 


“When it comes to training they definitely know what busy people want and how to present it. ”


“SNH don’t just deliver a session and move on. Having the follow up coaching provides flexibility to discuss progress, practice the real scenarios people are faced with and set goals.” 


“The great thing is that you observe lots of language from the training sessions being used across the business. I hear it now as business as usual and I know people are using the tips and techniques that work for them.”


“ We loved the session yesterday. WOW! What incredible tips & tools. The trainer’s style was excellent – so engaging, funny and brilliant positioning around 12 years a research shared in 2.5 hours. I’m saving time already today!!”


“Honestly the most helpful training course I’ve ever been on”


“ I cannot even begin to tell you how in control I felt when I woke this morning. Attending yesterday’s session was invaluable and I can already see positive changes in the way that I am working. The course as definitely something that I will be sharing with my colleagues – very worthwhile.”


“The timing was great - 3 hours for the session was perfect, any more would have been too much for the content and any less too short to process the information. The information was very practical - easy to put into practice.”


“Too often on time management courses over the years I have felt like the trainer hasn’t really experienced a life where there is REALLY too much to do ALL OF THE TIME. I have felt that they can’t really offer any practical real world advice. This time was different. SNH have clearly worked hard on developing and researching different processes and have evidence of how these have helped improve both their working and personal life, which is what we all want after all!" 


“As a qualified teacher I’ve been to countless ‘professional development’ sessions (often compulsory) that have not been useful to my professional practice. I took far more away from your session than I could have imagined. I believe these measures will serve me well.” 


“The tips and techniques for improving productivity were particularly helpful because many of the team work remotely and travel frequently. The Today List and other tips help them to maximise their productivity in sometimes challenging circumstances.”

Younger & Smarter

“The training was really valuable because the world of work is so different to the academic world.”


“It was really helpful because it helped me understand how to make the transition from an academic environment, where much of your day is planned, to an environment where most of it is not.”


“The valuable tools, tips & techniques I have learned from SNH will help me regain control of my work and prevent me from feeling overwhelmed.”


SNH are working with leaders & managers to shift their focus away from operational activities and more towards adding value to their team members. SNH are providing us with a “tool kit” leaders & managers can use “on-the-job” to increase employee focus, sharpen skills, develop a culture of continuous improvement & maximise engagement. We believe that raising the standards of leadership and management will in turn lead to higher standards within each team. ”


“I found the session really beneficial and really easy to follow. Being new to the role and having no previous experience it was perfect for me. I now feel confident and definitely going to use the coaching technique in all my 1-2-1 sessions and other situations around the office.”


In my management  team we now have a common language and a set of tools that everyone uses which means we have a consistent approach to leading and managing our people. This particularly helps when there is change, restructuring or re-organising. ”


“The lite-touch leadership tools like Speed Coaching & Removing Barriers to Success are ideal for our fast-paced culture and are now a part of the way we work. The tips and techniques for improving productivity were particularly helpful because we operate a global team many of whom “