“In just 3 months my new business team’s activity rate improved by 75% as a result of your work. Not only did the quantity of appointments increase but many came away saying the quality of the meetings were better. Time was being used more efficiently and the closing ratio increased."

Head of Sales, Information Sector

“6 months after your training, the activity rates of our team were 21% higher than they had been
previously. In a team of 5 people that was the equivalent of 1 more salesperson without the additional cost!"

Sales Director. Communications Provider

"Your training dramatically cut down my working hours on most days by as much us 2 hours a day."

Manoger Collaboration Software

"We are now growing at a year on year rate of 98%+ and more in terms of the bottom line. Your programme has really supported me in getting the new team up to speed, not to mention the fact that we've continually grown month on month."

Sales Manager Consultancy Firm

"SNH helped us to develop an innovative approach to bridge the performance gap in our sales team. In 5 months this resulted in..

  •  A redudion in discount levels from 25% down to 10%
  •  An increase in Average Order Values by 62%
  •  An improvement in conversion rates in new business from 22% to 30%

And all of this was achieved with no disruption to salesforce productivity."

Head of Sales Energy Services