Personal productivity for the modern workplace and digital age

SmartWorking is our personal productivity programme for you and your team. This is a time management programme like nothing you’ve ever seen before because it’s specifically designed to maximise productivity in the digital age and modern workplace.

“It’s not the hours you put into work that count but the work you put into your hours!” - Sam Ewing

In other words just because you are busy it doesn’t necessarily mean you are being productive. You hear a lot of people telling others “you need to work smarter”. At SNH we show people how to work smarter. The research we’ve conducted enables us to share with you (in just 2 ½ hours) the latest tools, techniques & tips which are helping thousands of employees to significantly increase their productivity. To quantify this we initially expect to find each person time savings of around 3 days per month.

Whether you want to be more productive so that you can achieve more, deliver better results, outperform your competition, work less, make more time for family, make more time for you, pursue other interests, become more resilient, have a healthier work/life balance, relax more, feel less stressed or experience a greater sense of well-being, it doesn’t matter. What really does matter is that you feel you have the choice & ability to accomplish any of these. Which is why what we do, is so important to businesses & people alike.

Our SmartWorking solution equips you, your team & other colleagues to be more productive despite all the challenges presented by the modern workplace and “always on” mentality of the digital age.

What Clients say...

"I highly recommend this programme. My team increased productivity by an average of 3.74 days per month (Yes, We measured it!). A brilliant investment."

- Richard Beasley, CEO, BWP Group

“Too often on time management courses over the years I have felt like the trainer hasn’t really experienced a life where there is REALLY too much to do ALL OF THE TIME. I have felt that they can’t really offer any practical real world advice. This time was different. SNH have clearly worked hard on developing and researching different processes and have evidence of how these have helped improve both their working and personal life, which is what we all want after all!"

- Hannah Linsell, Clare Foundation

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