Personal productivity for the modern workplace and digital age: SmartWorking

"We run courses to help people and businesses to achieve more in less time"

The SmartWorking skills workshop shows your people how to be 15% more productive in today’s ‘always on’ workplace. This typically delivers time savings of 3 days per month, per employee to create an extra 15% capacity. Before they experience the Smarter Not Harder approach, people say: “There’s just not enough hours in the day” or “Where has the day gone?” Subsequently, they will have more time to work on the important issues, more time for others, more time for themselves and more time to think.

What’s stopping your people from achieving even more?

  • Having the right skills and mindset within the modern workplace?
  • Challenges created by incessant change and interruptions?
  • Constantly running out of time?

Participants will discover 18 tools in 2.5 hours during a fast paced, enjoyable and engaging workshop. They will learn how to think differently about their working day and how to manage the time available to them. Following the training their sense of job satisfaction and achievement will rise... they will feel more relaxed, less stressed and in greater control of their work.

Following the workshop, delegates receive 1-2-1 coaching to help them embed the learning into their work routines. Training is one thing. Using the techniques and making them a habit is another thing entirely, isn’t it?

We have spent years studying what actually works, when it comes to time management within successful organisations. We have distilled this knowledge into the SmartWorking skills workshop.

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What we cover...

SIMPLE techniques to deal with email overload
IMPLEMENTING an e-mail strategy
Parkinson’s Law
HOW TO stay focused and deal with interruptions
HOW TO forecast effectively & set realistic deadlines
EASY ways to prioritise and plan more effectively
HOW TO cope with the pressure of unforeseen changes to your schedule
BUILDING NEW HABITS to improve your Time Management skills daily
HOW TO banish worry and remain calm
MINIMISE meetings & travel time
HOW TO save time in meetings & conference calls
HOW TO remain motivated at the end of a demanding day and feel satisfied with you achievements
And much more...

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What Clients say...

"I can not recommend this programme highly enough. My team increased productivity by an average of 3.74 days per month (Yes, We measured it!). A brilliant investment."

- Richard Beasley, CEO, BWP Group

“Too often on time management courses over the years I have felt like the trainer hasn’t really experienced a life where there is REALLY too much to do ALL OF THE TIME. I have felt that they can’t really offer any practical real world advice. This time was different. SNH have clearly worked hard on developing and researching different processes and have evidence of how these have helped improve both their working and personal life, which is what we all want after all!"

- Hannah Linsell, Clare Foundation