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What are the barriers to success? SmartPerformance

How often do you discuss performance with your employees or team? How often do you feel they are capable of achieving more? What prevents people from making rapid progress? At Smarter Not Harder, we have spent 15 years developing smart ways to solve business challenges and we’ve identified 11 barriers to increasing performance. This diagnostic tool rapidly identifies what stops people from achieving better results. Discover what is stopping managers and teams in your business from producing better results.

Do you want to:

  • Improve financial performance and results?
  • Increase sales performance?
  • Improve customer experience?
  • Create better employee engagement?
  • Achieve higher employee satisfaction?
  • Increase accountability?
  • Lower staff turnover?
  • Enhance project management?
  • Develop stronger client relationships?
  • Increase Return On Investment?

Smarter Not Harder use the SmartPerformance approach to get to the heart of what obstructs peak performance.

As a result we have helped clients to drive improvements across their business from customer retention to increased sales performance and implementing effective change programmes.

Yes the training went well yesterday and I think the team are happy with everything that came out of it. I had to coach a team member which was a great experience too ­and it turned out that between lunch and the time I called him down three hours later
HE HAD MADE MORE BOOKINGS THAN HE HAD EVER MADE in one afternoon ­so I think that speaks volumes.
— PJ

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