SmartLeadership is our personal productivity programme specifically for leaders & managers.

“People leave managers, not companies”

Most businesses want leaders who can motivate, create engagement, set clear expectations, performance manage, foster innovation, coach, inspire and develop their teams. The connection between effective leadership and better performance is well-documented. Whether performance is measured in terms of profit, revenue, output, customer satisfaction, employee retention, engagement or productivity; we know that better leaders deliver better results. At smarter not harder we’ve studied the leadership development challenge from 2 interesting perspectives:-

  • What is the quickest way to develop an effective leader?
  • How do you effectively lead your team in the minimum possible time?

To do this we have applied “pareto’s principle” (The 80:20 Rule) to the tools and techniques required to be an effective leader. Think of it this way, we’ve identified the 20% of leadership behaviours that have the greatest impact and we train only that!
That’s what we call SmartLeadership.

By taking this approach it means people have less to learn, learn faster, quickly become competent, rapidly grow in confidence and instantly see changes in their team; plus they have more time for other activities.

To quantify this, our SmartLeadership programme enables you to develop effective leaders within months and reduce the time it currently takes them to perform their key leadership responsibilities by as much as 60%.

What Clients say...

“SNH are providing us with a common language and “tool kit” which leaders and managers can use “on-the-job” to increase employee focus, sharpen skills, develop a culture of continuous improvement and maximise engagement.  The bottom line is that the SmartLeadership training works; it delivers change, the learning sticks, people behave differently and new habits are quickly formed. Since SNH started to work with my management team we have achieved double digit growth and this training has played a big part in that achievement.” 

- Karen Ullah, Sales Director, Daisy Group

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