Light-touch leadership: SmartLeadership

We can train your managers and leaders to deliver increased performance - quickly.

What’s the minimum time that it takes each month to manage 1 person effectively? The answer to this question may surprise you. We discuss it during the SmartLeadership skills programme. This programme helps management to work smarter, i.e. to minimise operational activities and maximise their time where they add greatest value. It is a way to lead people effectively in just one third of the normal time. This game changing programme makes a real difference to management teams and business performance.

Discover a series of 10-Minute Leadership Tools™ that will drive an immediate impact on team performance. How can Smarter Not Harder deliver such rapid results? Because we have invested years in identifying the key leadership behaviours that make a real difference. You can discover the answers during the SmartLeadership skills programme.

We have developed an integrated set of smarter working skills and tools for managers and leaders. It’s all about fast, easy and effective ways to deliver success. That's what makes our approach different and that's why our training has a lasting impact.

Are you looking for:

  • A fresh approach to leadership?
  • Training for new managers?
  • Training for managers who have ‘seen it all before’?
  • Significantly improved team performance?
  • Improvement within key performance areas?
  • Ways to overcome inertia and barriers to success?
  • Better ways to handle change?
  • New ways to improve productivity?

If so, we can help.

The Smarter Not Harder leadership programme has been a key factor in our ongoing success. The practical tools have equipped our managers to get the most out of their teams. This has helped us to achieve annual rolling growth of 66% for the past three years.
— Head of HR, Smarter Not Harder client

Smarter Not Harder: helping teams to improve performance since 2002.

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What people say..

"SNH are working with leaders & managers to shift their focus away from operational activities and more towards adding value to their team members. SNH are providing us with a “tool kit” leaders & managers can use “on-the-job” to increase employee focus, sharpen skills, develop a culture of continuous improvement & maximise engagement. We believe that raising the standards of leadership and management will in turn lead to higher standards within each team.”

- Karen Ullah, Sales Director, Daisy Group

"Just wanted to give you some initial feedback to say that Sara has been really helpful in her approach to the training modules selected and the teams have found it really useful. The training is still ongoing but just wanted to let you know that Sara’s experience and expertise has not gone unnoticed. Most of all, she has a warm, witty but professional persona which fits really well with the our culture."

- JG