Our personal productivity training is particularly helpful to anyone who has a never ending To Do list and has to deal with a stream of emails, messages, interruptions and demands on their time every day.

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Just wanted to give you some initial feedback to say that Sara has been really helpful in her approach to the training modules selected and the teams have found it really useful. The training is still ongoing but just wanted to let you know that Sara’s experience and expertise has not gone unnoticed. Most of all, she has a warm, witty but professional persona which fits really well with the our culture.
— JG
It showed you really did your homework, it was relatable to our industry when you were describing scenarios.
— CM
Yes the training went well yesterday and I think the team are happy with everything that came out of it. I had to coach a team member which was a great experience too ­and it turned out that between lunch and the time I called him down three hours later HE HAD MADE MORE BOOKINGS THAN HE HAD EVER MADE in one afternoon ­so I think that speaks volumes.”
— PJ
I now feel that I am the master of my emails, not the slave to my inbox!
I just wanted to feedback how incredibly useful I found this session! Everything was really accessible and I enjoyed that Neil prefaced the day with his mango theory that whilst everything he was suggesting was quite simple, we shouldn’t punish ourselves as it’s not always obvious. It honestly is the most helpful training course I’ve been on. Thank you so much.
I’ve always struggled to be realistic about what I can achieve in a day and this really helps. A few other things I will take away from it are sorting emails, Quick Steps and allocating time to think about my productivity, time management etc.
— CC
I found this course so interesting and absolutely love how easy it is to implement the learnings/tips into your day to day work.
— CC