We loved the session yesterday, WOW what incredible tips and tools!
Excellent style Neil, so engaging, funny and brilliant positioning around 12 years of research shared in 2.5 hours. Glad to report I had a 38 mins meeting this morning.  

- STHREE, Head of CSR


I found the session very useful.

I am an avid Outlook user and have a reasonably developed system – but there are some key things I have taken away, some of which already implemented, which will add that crucial extra 10% which I am sure will deliver by a multiple. 

- Trailblazers, CEO

I gave it a go...

After the training, I decided I would start tackling a couple of things and see how I go and then start looking at what else I can bring in. I cleared my inbox and have been employing the CDDFF / batching approach which seems to be working really well.

- CRUK,  User Experience Designer

Honestly the most helpful training course I’ve been on - 26th January 2017

We are so proud of the work we are doing to help charities across the UK get better at managing their time. We hope to inspire more charities to sign up and to encourage businesses to nominate charities they work with or are close to their heart. Below are a few snippets from our January attendees.

13th December - An Awesome Day!

We had a wonderful time at LinkedIn and AJ Gallagher on Tuesday. We had five new charities join over 50 charity leaders and managers to hear how they can improve their Personal Productivity. 

20 July - Success!

Our Personal Productivity sessions continue to be a great success. On 20th July we had 60 charity members join Neil  for the event that was hosted by Salesforce. Below you can see how the participants found the session. 

Feedback 20th july.jpg

Thank You!

On behalf of everyone that came from Raleigh, and I know there were a lot of us, thank you! It was a great event. This sort of training is invaluable but not always something that we have the budget to do. We’re really grateful for the opportunity to attend one of your events for free. The tips you shared were simple, realistic and achievable so we’ve got no excuses now. Sorry if you’re next charity event is full of Raleigh staff too.

For me the grid was the most useful takeaway from this morning’s session. The biggest barrier for me is definitely emails. I know I need to employ better email management and this is a kick-start for me to get on and do it. There were lots of other useful elements; breaking down the to-do list into two; encouraging me to be more honest about how long things will take (both more and less time) and not being afraid of building in time for inevitable interruptions. Thanks again.

- Leonie Mcilroy, Rayleigh International


Practical & Human

It was practical and human.  It was really encouraging to hear Neil admit his strengths and faults and how he overcomes them, I and others I am sure have many of his likes & dislikes in common.

- Cliff Edwards, Realise


You've Helped!

I could automatically see how a few small changes could really transform how I feel at work. I have been very overwhelmed at work recently, so I feel that you've helped me think through practical ways to manage that 'overwhelm.

- Gillian Helweg - Larson,  Tearfund

Simple Things to Improve

Beforehand I thought I was quite productive, but have realised I can do a few simple things to improve. My first today list is up and running and a lot more useful than my old daily to do lists (I’ve even created little check boxes in Excel!), and I’ve been more disciplined with my email.

- Dr Alasdair Graham, Apex Discovery

Session was Perfect!

The timing was great - 3 hours for the session was perfect, any more would have been too much for the content and any less too short to process the information. The information was very practical - easy to put into practice.

- Fiammetta Wegnew, Restless Development


On the 7th March The Clare Foundation in Bucks hosted 30 people from 14 different charities. Here is what the CEO of the The Clare Charity Centre and Clare Foundation had to say about the session.

Here is what some of the delegates had to say...


Unbelievably Helpful!

Thank you for the training, I found it unbelievably helpful - I already feel more organised and less stressed! I have also already recommended it to the few on my team who couldn’t make it.

- Ali Curson, Community Impact Bucks

A Big Thank You!

Too often on time management courses over the years I have felt like the trainer hasn’t really experienced a life where there is REALLY too much to do ALL OF THE TIME. I have felt that they can’t really offer any practical real world advice. This time was different, Neil has clearly worked hard on developing and researching different processes and has evidence of how these have helped improve both his working and personal life, which is what we all want after all! It has also made my colleagues and I more conscious of interrupting one another and more respectful of each others time. So a big thank you!

- Hannah Linsell, Clare Foundation

On Thursday 4th February we hosted a free of charge Personal Productivity (Time Management for the Digital Age) session to 17 leaders/managers from the charity sector. Alternative Networks kindly hosted the event for the 7 charities and here is just some of the feedback we have received so far:

Just about right!

I really liked the length of this training. A morning session is just about right. I loved the fact you timed everything, setting a precedence of not wasting time and sticking to it!

- Kate Martin, TV Air Ambulance

Practical and Easy!

I liked the fact that the tips were practical and easy to implement. I've already started to use the 'Today list' and plan on using it going forward

- Shamiso Lewis, Into University


Useful Tools!

I’m looking forward to non-working time/evening and switching off (so work does not expand to fill all my time)

- Karen Cleaver, Citizens Advice, St Albans District & St Albans District CVS

Invaluable Techniques

Simple techniques but invaluable I would say! Looking forward to make those small changes and seeing the difference. Thank-you for the commitment to helping make charity professionals more productive!

-Bekki James , TV Air Ambulance


We ran a session on Personal Productivity (Time Management for the Digital Age) for the charity Street League - helping their employees take back between 2-3 days per person per month by using simple, effective tools & techniques which could be immediately applied. Here's what some of them had to say...

More Than I Could Have Imagined

As a qualified teacher I've been to countless 'professional development' sessions (often compulsory) that have not been useful to my professional practice. I took far more away from your session than I could have imagined. I believe these measures will serve me well.

- Asa Bradford, Operations Manager 

Enjoyable & Valuable

I found the session both enjoyable & valuable and I'd have no hesitation in recommending your training to anyone else.

- Stephen Hughes, Operations Manager

Great Session!

Thank you for a great session. Myself and the ops managers got a lot from the session and the way you facilitated it. Everyone's looking forward to implementing the suggestions you made, and I will be talking to colleagues that weren't present about how we can work together better and more respectfully of each other's time using your advice.

- Paul Evans, Managing Director

I will 100% use the Techniques!

I enjoyed the session and am 100% going to make sure I use the techniques to help me be more productive with my time, because I definitely need to be.

- Callum Simpson, Operations Manager