In 2016 Arrow Communications had a record year. “We delivered record performances in the areas of sales, staff engagement and staff retention” says Chris Russell, Arrow’s CEO. “The investment in our #arrowvision strategy was the key to this and the Arrow Training Passport programme, developed with SNH was a real contributing factor.

Arrow is a fast growing business employing 140 people across 6 UK offices.  In 2015 Arrow launched a training programme as part of a wider project to develop and communicate the company’s vision.

"We are proud of the people we employ in Arrow” explains Chris Russell “I knew that retaining, developing and engaging our people would be key to us maintaining a high rate of growth” “We had done some work with SNH before so we knew there was a good cultural ‘fit’, but for this programme we wanted to do something creative that would reach across the whole workforce. I’m glad to say they stepped up to the challenge"


Arrow’s Marketing Director Tracey Tribe lead the project team. “SNH really took the time to understand our business and create ideas for programme design that would help us make the best use of our investment to get the maximum value. We think of SNH as a trusted partner. They really care, build relationships and integrate very well with the teams.”

Arrow introduced a training programme that included SmartLeadership for everyone with management responsibility and SmartWorking (Personal Productivity skills) for the whole workforce.



Taking people out of their day job for a whole day was hard and created a strain on other areas of the business. So SNH created a programme of bitesize training modules that minimised the impact on people’s productivity."

Tracey made the following observations about the training programme as a participant “SNH offers a contrast to traditional formal training sessions. They provide unique techniques which they have developed to tackle real challenges that the team face on a day to day basis. We all found the workshops to be very open, informal, interactive and interesting with great anecdotes and scenarios from the trainers that everyone could identify with”

A core part of training passport has been the follow ups with the SNH coach. “SNH don’t just deliver a session and move on. Having the follow up coaching provides flexibility to discuss progress, practice the real scenarios people are faced with and set goals.


We asked Tracey to summarise what difference the training had made: “The great thing is that you observe lots of language from the training sessions being used across the business. I hear it now as business as usual and I know people are using the tips and techniques that work for them.

The SmartLeadership tools have given the leaders and managers much more structure. They have clearer guidelines on how to lead effectively and tools like the ‘11 Barriers tool’, ‘Setting Expectations’ & ‘Crucial Conversations’ have helped them understand how to get the best from the individuals in their teams.

At the end of 2016 we issued an employee engagement survey with a 92% respondent rate, and a 90% engagement score. The Arrow training programme was a contributing factor to this result."



Chris Russell, CEO Concludes

Last year Arrow had its best year and our staff retention improved by 100%. We have an aggressive ongoing growth strategy – both organic and through acquisition and it’s essential that we maintain our core values and culture. The training programme is a key part of that. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved in the business and the work we have done with SNH has been a real success.