Raising Standards for Account Management in Daisy Group

Raising Standards for Account Management in Daisy Group
As a business we are always trying to achieve more and expect employees at all levels to step up their performance each year. Smarter not harder have played an important part in making this happen
— Karen Ullah, Sales Director of SMB at Daisy Group

We decided to use Smarter Not Harder because we were told they were the best in the industry; and we have not been disappointed

Since our first engagement with SNH I’ve continued to use them as I have been impressed with their content, the quality of their delivery and the impact it’s had on my team and our business.

The initial project was to raise standards of Account Management and increase sales across the full portfolio of products we offer our customers. SNH provided my team with the tools, techniques and confidence to do this with minimal disruption to “business as usual”.

The training SNH delivered was:

  • Relevant
  • Broken in Bite-sized Chunks
  • Punchy
  • Easy to put into Practice 

The purpose of our latest project with SNH is to increase the number of employees who achieve 100%+ of target. To do this they are working with leaders & managers to shift their focus away from operational activities and more towards adding value to their team members. SNH are providing us with a “tool kit” leaders & managers can use “on-the-job” to increase employee focus, sharpen skills, develop a culture of continuous improvement & maximise engagement. We believe that raising the standards of leadership and management will in turn lead to higher standards within each team.

What’s unique about Smarter Not Harder? Their follow-up. The quantity and quality of their ongoing support is the best we have experienced. It is very thorough & they ensure nothing is missed so that the job is done properly. The devil they say is in the detail and SNH’s attention to detail is second to none. They will always go the extra mile and regularly offer advice and help, even if it is outside the scope of the project. They keep in regular contact which means we have a very strong relationship and they really understand what our business needs.

SNH are also different through the way they simplify the content that they deliver. This makes their training really easy to understand and straightforward to implement. 




In under 1 Day 

Speed Coaching and the 11 barriers to success has transformed the way we work

When it comes to training they definitely know what busy people want and how to present it.

In my team we now have a common language and a set of tools that everyone uses which means we have a consistent approach to leading and managing our people. This particularly helps when there is change, restructuring or re-organising. The bottom line is that their training works; it delivers change, the learning sticks, people behave differently & new habits are quickly formed.

I would recommend SNH without hesitation because they provide great content that is highly relevant which leads to immediate changes in behaviour and this translates into better results.