Raising Standards for Account Management in Daisy Group

Raising Standards for Account Management in Daisy Group
As a business we are always trying to achieve more and expect employees at all levels to step up their performance each year. Smarter not harder have played an important part in making this happen
— Karen Ullah, Sales Director of SMB at Daisy Group

We decided to use Smarter Not Harder because we were told they were the best in the industry; and we have not been disappointed

Since our first engagement with SNH I’ve continued to use them as I have been impressed with their content, the quality of their delivery and the impact it’s had on my team and our business.

The initial project was to raise standards of Account Management and increase sales across the full portfolio of products we offer our customers. SNH provided my team with the tools, techniques and confidence to do this with minimal disruption to “business as usual”.

The training SNH delivered was:

  • Relevant
  • Broken in Bite-sized Chunks
  • Punchy
  • Easy to put into Practice 

The purpose of our latest project with SNH is to increase the number of employees who achieve 100%+ of target. To do this they are working with leaders & managers to shift their focus away from operational activities and more towards adding value to their team members. SNH are providing us with a “tool kit” leaders & managers can use “on-the-job” to increase employee focus, sharpen skills, develop a culture of continuous improvement & maximise engagement. We believe that raising the standards of leadership and management will in turn lead to higher standards within each team.

What’s unique about Smarter Not Harder? Their follow-up. The quantity and quality of their ongoing support is the best we have experienced. It is very thorough & they ensure nothing is missed so that the job is done properly. The devil they say is in the detail and SNH’s attention to detail is second to none. They will always go the extra mile and regularly offer advice and help, even if it is outside the scope of the project. They keep in regular contact which means we have a very strong relationship and they really understand what our business needs.

SNH are also different through the way they simplify the content that they deliver. This makes their training really easy to understand and straightforward to implement. 




In under 1 Day 

Speed Coaching and the 11 barriers to success has transformed the way we work

When it comes to training they definitely know what busy people want and how to present it.

In my team we now have a common language and a set of tools that everyone uses which means we have a consistent approach to leading and managing our people. This particularly helps when there is change, restructuring or re-organising. The bottom line is that their training works; it delivers change, the learning sticks, people behave differently & new habits are quickly formed.

I would recommend SNH without hesitation because they provide great content that is highly relevant which leads to immediate changes in behaviour and this translates into better results.

Petainer - A highly ambitious organisation have no hesitation with working with SNH in the future

Petainer - A highly ambitious organisation have no hesitation with working with SNH in the future

Petainer is a leading global packaging solutions provider to the drinks & FMCG markets. Like all global manufacturing businesses the margins are tight and the competition is fierce. Petainer are PE funded and have ambitious growth strategy based on differentiation through product innovation, a ‘Zero Waste’ methodology and superior customer interaction. Which is where SNH come in. 

“We wanted to establish a clear set of standards across the sales & marketing teams and improve our customer interactions to see measureable performance improvements.” Explains Annemieke Hartman-Jemmett, Petainer’s Group Commercial Director.

Copy of Embedding (2).png

Petainer has certainly delivered measureable performance improvements. EBITDA revenues in 2016 were £16.2 – a 7 % increase on the previous year. This includes key wins with leading global breweries and has led to production doubling in production plants across Europe.


“I first met SNH in late 2014 and it was immediately clear that they would listen to our requirements and create a solution that was tailored to our needs. And that is exactly what they did.

“SNH didn’t just deliver training workshops, like previous training companies we have worked with. They spent a lot of time with me personally and with my management team – as a team and individually; and developed the skills to equip us to embed the learning in our teams and ensure we achieved sustainable changes in behaviour.

“I involved our Global Sales Directors in the programme, they are now leading their teams across a range of functions, using the skills and techniques they acquired through the SNH SmartLeadership programme. The lite-touch leadership tools like Speed Coaching & Removing Barriers to Success are ideal for our fast-paced culture and are now a part of the way we work. The tips and techniques for improving productivity were particularly helpful because we operate a global team many of whom work remotely and travel frequently. The Today List and other tips help them to maximise their productivity in sometimes challenging circumstances.


"Smarter Not Harder have played a significant part in the sales success of Petainer over the past 2 years and I will have no hesitation in working with them in the future and recommending them to others"

Retaining good employees, raising standards of performance elsewhere & keeping people engaged is a continual challenge for our business; Smarter Not Harder has helped us with all three

Retaining good employees, raising standards of performance elsewhere & keeping people engaged is a continual challenge for our business; Smarter Not Harder has helped us with all three

I use SNH because I have complete confidence in their ability, based on my past experience, and they have a lot of credibility with me, my people and our business.

I brought them in as I had a team of managers and leaders who had a range of experience; some people had been managing for a number of years and some new to the role.

Regardlness of this SNH have got the expertise to help everyone make the transition to the next level of performance, effectiveness and efficiency.


SNH are highly consultative in their engagement

they are always willing to tailor their approach to make it fit the specific requirements.

They are very flexible and innovative to meet the most demanding challenges and they do not provide a one size fits all solution. It’s the small differences in the way they work that makes the biggest difference.

The benefits we have seen have been higher levels of engagement, greater productivity through more effective prioritising which has translated into better results.

3 managers reported saving up to 2 hours per day – c20% improvement in productivity


1 manager reported a 20% increase in pipeline


Others have improved conversion rates as result of better opportunity management and qualification

If you choose SNH, you can expect training which is highly practical from very credible facilitators with a solution which is results driven and highly customer focussed.  



In 2016 Arrow Communications had a record year. “We delivered record performances in the areas of sales, staff engagement and staff retention” says Chris Russell, Arrow’s CEO. “The investment in our #arrowvision strategy was the key to this and the Arrow Training Passport programme, developed with SNH was a real contributing factor.

Arrow is a fast growing business employing 140 people across 6 UK offices.  In 2015 Arrow launched a training programme as part of a wider project to develop and communicate the company’s vision.

"We are proud of the people we employ in Arrow” explains Chris Russell “I knew that retaining, developing and engaging our people would be key to us maintaining a high rate of growth” “We had done some work with SNH before so we knew there was a good cultural ‘fit’, but for this programme we wanted to do something creative that would reach across the whole workforce. I’m glad to say they stepped up to the challenge"


Arrow’s Marketing Director Tracey Tribe lead the project team. “SNH really took the time to understand our business and create ideas for programme design that would help us make the best use of our investment to get the maximum value. We think of SNH as a trusted partner. They really care, build relationships and integrate very well with the teams.”

Arrow introduced a training programme that included SmartLeadership for everyone with management responsibility and SmartWorking (Personal Productivity skills) for the whole workforce.



Taking people out of their day job for a whole day was hard and created a strain on other areas of the business. So SNH created a programme of bitesize training modules that minimised the impact on people’s productivity."

Tracey made the following observations about the training programme as a participant “SNH offers a contrast to traditional formal training sessions. They provide unique techniques which they have developed to tackle real challenges that the team face on a day to day basis. We all found the workshops to be very open, informal, interactive and interesting with great anecdotes and scenarios from the trainers that everyone could identify with”

A core part of training passport has been the follow ups with the SNH coach. “SNH don’t just deliver a session and move on. Having the follow up coaching provides flexibility to discuss progress, practice the real scenarios people are faced with and set goals.


We asked Tracey to summarise what difference the training had made: “The great thing is that you observe lots of language from the training sessions being used across the business. I hear it now as business as usual and I know people are using the tips and techniques that work for them.

The SmartLeadership tools have given the leaders and managers much more structure. They have clearer guidelines on how to lead effectively and tools like the ‘11 Barriers tool’, ‘Setting Expectations’ & ‘Crucial Conversations’ have helped them understand how to get the best from the individuals in their teams.

At the end of 2016 we issued an employee engagement survey with a 92% respondent rate, and a 90% engagement score. The Arrow training programme was a contributing factor to this result."



Chris Russell, CEO Concludes

Last year Arrow had its best year and our staff retention improved by 100%. We have an aggressive ongoing growth strategy – both organic and through acquisition and it’s essential that we maintain our core values and culture. The training programme is a key part of that. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved in the business and the work we have done with SNH has been a real success.