Since 2002, Smarter Not Harder has trained thousands of executives, managers and leaders within organisations of all shapes and sizes. We have shown them new ways to improve productivity and produce better results.

The greatest barrier to rapid progress lies inside the mind. You want your people to embrace new ideas and smarter ways of working. You want them to feel as excited as you do about the opportunities that surround you. To want everyone to raise their game.

This is what we do. It is all we do. 

If you want to drive profitable, purposeful change - no matter the size of your business or budget we want to explore it with you. If we are not the right fit with you, we will find someone who is.

Smarter Not Harder is all about maximising workforce efficiency in the digital age.

You need to cultivate fresh, winning habits in response to the rapid changes we face in business. They lie at the heart of every successful organisation. 

We are proud to work with many leading brands including:


Personal productivity for the modern workplace and digital age: SmartWorking

The SmartWorking skills workshop shows your people how to be 15% more productive in today’s ‘always on’ workplace. This typically delivers time savings of 3 days per month, per employee to create an extra 15% capacity. Before they experience the Smarter Not Harder approach, people say: “There’s just not enough hours in the day” or “Where has the day gone?” Subsequently, they will have more time to work on the important issues, more time for others, more time for themselves and more time to think.

What’s stopping your people from achieving even more?

  • Having the right skills and mindset within the modern workplace?
  • Challenges created by incessant change and interruptions?
  • Constantly running out of time?

Participants will discover 18 tools in 2.5 hours during a fast paced, enjoyable and engaging workshop. They will learn how to think differently about their working day and how to manage the time available to them. Following the training their sense of job satisfaction and achievement will rise... they will feel more relaxed, less stressed and in greater control of their work.

Following the workshop, delegates receive 1-2-1 coaching to help them embed the learning into their work routines. Training is one thing. Using the techniques and making them a habit is another thing entirely, isn’t it?

We have spent years studying what actually works, when it comes to time management within successful organisations. We have distilled this knowledge into the SmartWorking skills workshop.

Light-touch leadership: SmartLeadership

We can train your managers and leaders to deliver increased performance - quickly.

What’s the minimum time that it takes each month to manage 1 person effectively? The answer to this question may surprise you. We discuss it during the SmartLeadership skills programme. This programme helps management to work smarter, i.e. to minimise operational activities and maximise their time where they add greatest value. It is a way to lead people effectively in just one third of the normal time. This game changing programme makes a real difference to management teams and business performance.

Discover a series of 10-Minute Leadership Tools™ that will drive an immediate impact on team performance. How can Smarter Not Harder deliver such rapid results? Because we have invested years in identifying the key leadership behaviours that make a real difference. You can discover the answers during the SmartLeadership skills programme.

We have developed an integrated set of smarter working skills and tools for managers and leaders. It’s all about fast, easy and effective ways to deliver success. That's what makes our approach different and that's why our training has a lasting impact.

Are you looking for:

  • A fresh approach to leadership?
  • Training for new managers?
  • Training for managers who have ‘seen it all before’?
  • Significantly improved team performance?
  • Improvement within key performance areas?
  • Ways to overcome inertia and barriers to success?
  • Better ways to handle change?
  • New ways to improve productivity?

If so, we can help.

The Smarter Not Harder leadership programme has been a key factor in our ongoing success. The practical tools have equipped our managers to get the most out of their teams. This has helped us to achieve annual rolling growth of 66% for the past three years.
— Head of HR, Smarter Not Harder client
Just wanted to give you some initial feedback to say that Sara has been really helpful in her approach to the training modules selected and the teams have found it really useful. The training is still ongoing but just wanted to let you know that Sara’s experience and expertise has not gone unnoticed. Most of all, she has a warm, witty but professional persona which fits really well with the our culture.
— JG

Smarter Not Harder: helping teams to improve performance since 2002.

Would you like to find out more? If that’s a “Yes”, either email us or call us on 0844 846 4335.

SmartPerformance Icon1.png

What are the barriers to success? SmartPerformance

How often do you discuss performance with your employees or team? How often do you feel they are capable of achieving more? What prevents people from making rapid progress? At Smarter Not Harder, we have spent 15 years developing smart ways to solve business challenges and we’ve identified 11 barriers to increasing performance. This diagnostic tool rapidly identifies what stops people from achieving better results. Discover what is stopping managers and teams in your business from producing better results.

Do you want to:

  • Improve financial performance and results?
  • Increase sales performance?
  • Improve customer experience?
  • Create better employee engagement?
  • Achieve higher employee satisfaction?
  • Increase accountability?
  • Lower staff turnover?
  • Enhance project management?
  • Develop stronger client relationships?
  • Increase Return On Investment?

Smarter Not Harder use the SmartPerformance approach to get to the heart of what obstructs peak performance.

As a result we have helped clients to drive improvements across their business from customer retention to increased sales performance and implementing effective change programmes.

Yes the training went well yesterday and I think the team are happy with everything that came out of it. I had to coach a team member which was a great experience too ­and it turned out that between lunch and the time I called him down three hours later
HE HAD MADE MORE BOOKINGS THAN HE HAD EVER MADE in one afternoon ­so I think that speaks volumes.
— PJ

Would you like to find out more? If that’s a “Yes”, either email us or call us on 0844 846 4335.

I now feel that I am the master of my emails, not the slave to my inbox!

Our personal productivity training is particularly helpful to anyone who has a never ending To Do list and has to deal with a stream of emails, messages, interruptions and demands on their time every day.

To find out more either email us or call us on 0844 846 4335.

Just wanted to give you some initial feedback to say that Sara has been really helpful in her approach to the training modules selected and the teams have found it really useful. The training is still ongoing but just wanted to let you know that Sara’s experience and expertise has not gone unnoticed. Most of all, she has a warm, witty but professional persona which fits really well with the our culture.
— JG
Today’s meet with Charles was fantastic thank you, provided some feedback to him on how the team have embraced this concept and are fully engaged with what we are doing. Plus Charles is a superb Coach himself with such vast experience. Truly excited and looking forward to working with you guys.
— SW
It showed you really did your homework, it was relatable to our industry when you were describing scenarios.
— CM
I found this course so interesting and absolutely love how easy it is to implement the learnings/tips into your day to day work.
— CC
I’ve always struggled to be realistic about what I can achieve in a day and this really helps. A few other things I will take away from it are sorting emails, Quick Steps and allocating time to think about my productivity, time management etc.
— CC
I just wanted to feedback how incredibly useful I found this session! Everything was really accessible and I enjoyed that Neil prefaced the day with his mango theory that whilst everything he was suggesting was quite simple, we shouldn’t punish ourselves as it’s not always obvious. It honestly is the most helpful training course I’ve been on. Thank you so much.


Neil Massa

Neil is responsible for the design and delivery of the solutions SNH provide their customers. He has a wealth of experience in leading teams, developing people, sales, marketing and employee productivity. His major strengths are his focus, drive, creativity and ability to build healthy working relationships. These qualities have been developed during a career working for highly regarded blue-chip organisations such as Xerox and Dun & Bradstreet.

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Simon Goodison

Simon is a founding director of SNH. As well as delivering training, coaching and consulting in all areas of their portfolio, Simon manages client relationships and commercial agreements. He has outstanding organisation skills and is passionate about developing valuable relationships and delivering outstanding customer experience. He studied Marketing with CIM and has over 30 years of leadership and sales experience in a range of business sectors.


Ellie Pope

In 2013 Ellie brought her expertise of project management and managing client relations to SNH, having previously worked in the Toys R Us Head Office. Since then she has been a pioneer in the business developing the SNH Bitesize proposition which is now fully operational and continually delighting our customers.

Esther Plumley

Esther is head of Operations at SNH and is responsible for creating the infrastructure which makes the business run smoothly and efficiently. She studied Management at university and uses this knowledge not only to add value to SNH but also to add value to clients. She's a talented coach specialising in personal productivity.

Profile 1.jpg

Charles Vaughan

Charles has been a successful sales leader and has held several senior learning and development roles over the last 20 years. He has a vast array of experience and credibility in people and business development, and joined Smarter Not Harder having been a loyal fan and customer for over 10 years.

Sara Moreton

Sara has a strong track record of success in marketing, business development and management. She is comfortable with both corporate and SME environments, having worked for both large and small organisations. Sara is an experienced coach and entrepreneur who is practical, innovative and focused.


Simon Barrett

With over 16 years' experience in the field of business development, Simon's areas of expertise covers sales leadership and sales-force management, including sales value propositions, account management and coaching. Simon has worked with and for organisations ranging from SMEs to corporates in multiple sectors.


Louise G

Louise is a part-time bookkeeper and credit controller at SNH and provides administration support to the team. Louise brings a wealth of experience having started her first training business over 25 years ago, specialising in software skills programmes.

Jo Dodds

After eighteen years in senior level Retail HR with companies such as B&Q, Staples and First Choice, Jo started her own business in 2005 publishing eight local community magazines and helping small businesses to market online, including specialising in social media marketing since 2009.

Jim Alexander

Jim has been a trainer, coach and facilitator for SNH for nearly 3 years. He delivers bespoke programmes around impactful communication, customer service and is one of the preferred coaches and facilitators for the Personal Productivity programme. He's also been in the world of learning and development for 10 years.


Guy McDonnell

Guy consults to & coaches Executives & executive teams to lead with clarity of purpose to achieve business and personal goals. His formative experiences saw him graduate in Manufacturing Engineering from Cambridge and move on to work closely with a FTSE 50 company.

Lee Wood

Penny Jackson

Lee is head of our sales advisory practice at SNH. Before joining the team, he was Head of Global Sales Operations and Customer Service for the IP & Science business at Thomson Reuters. Prior to that he was based in the USA where he led the Enterprise Sales Team for Dow Jones.

Penny is a skilled training & development consultant and social media film maker. Prior to establishing her business in 1998 she worked in a number of roles within the BBC, chiefly within operations and production in the World Service. Throughout her BBC career Penny had numerous training roles.