Welcome to SNH, we are in the business of training people to work smarter. They will be surprised by how much more they can achieve and, as their sense of job satisfaction increases, you will notice that quality and results also improve.

Think of your professional experience as 'application software'. Smarter Not Harder trains you to use your 'operating system' effectively.  Once this is working properly, everything changes. (We have created the “Quick Start Guide” for improving performance). As a result productivity goes up, stress falls away, personal and team results improve.

Our services include:
Personal productivity for the modern workplace & digital age: SmartWorking
How can you increase productivity in today’s always-on workplace? How can everyone save 3 days per month? How can you increase capacity by 15%? How can your teams spend more time on important issues that deliver outstanding results? Click here to find out how...

Light-touch leadership: SmartLeadership
How can management spend more time where they can add most value? What is the minimum time a leader needs to spend to get the most from their team? How can 10 minutes make such a difference?  Click here to find the answer...

What are the barriers to achieving more? SmartPerformance
What stops your people from delivering even better results? What, exactly, gets in the way of greater success? How do you achieve more without working even longer hours? Click here to find out...

Since 2002 we have worked with a wide range of organisations. To find out how we helped them, contact us .

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